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Some Point to Help You Improve Your Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography may be a successful extension of your present business, or you can specialize in the field and become a professional in it. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just getting started, Brad Filliponi offers some advice to help you get started on the right foot.

When I was looking for a property in the past, one of the most important reasons for passing by a listing was the photographs. Selling a home begins with photographs that will capture the buyer’s interest as they are flicking through the pages on their computer while drinking their morning coffee. Get them to stop and take a look, and you’ve already gained an advantage over the competition.

The video by Filliponi covers a few crucial points to assist newcomers to understand the ins and outs of photographing a property for sale. He discusses everything from how to set up the house to eliminate clutter and personal things to how to find the “star picture.” According to Filipponi, the hero shot is almost often taken from the back of the property, facing the house or other building. If the property includes a pool, here is an excellent opportunity to include flora and the size of the pool. He recommends shooting a few outside photographs to determine which features of the home are the most appealing.

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Another suggestion is to take many exposures in order to achieve the ideal lighting for each region of a bigger space. Increasing the exposure for one room may result in the highlights in another nearby room with windows being blown out. Using numerous exposures will allow you to mix the optimum lighting for each part of the photograph. The following strategies can assist you in getting your photographs in front of the market, whether you are working with a realtor as their photographer or just selling your own house on your own.

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