Want to look like a 1930s photographer? Check out this flash from an old camera!

Remember when photographers like Weegee used big silver dishes with flash bulbs? Well, good news if you’ve ever wanted to take photos that make you look like a reporter from the 1930s!

Meet the Senior Retro Camera Flash, which was released in the US by Flashpoint and everywhere else by Godox. This cleverly made flashgun looks like the old flash bulbs from the time of Prohibition, but it doesn’t use magnesium phosphorus when it goes off.

The Flashpoint/Godox Senior Retro Camera Flash can be used with both Canon and Sony cameras. It works with Nikon, Olympus, and Pentax cameras, and it fits in the hot shoe like any other standard strobe. Older cameras also have a sync port. So it’s great for old cameras like the Nikon Z fc, Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III, Fujifilm X-Pro3, and classic film cameras like the Canon AE-1 (opens in new tab).

When the flash is folded up small, it looks like a big key fob for a car remote. It has a flash dish with nine blades and a light bulb that pops out.

It can be used manually or automatically, and there is only one dial that controls ISO, aperture, power, and distance. So, it’s easy to use. Its focal length is fixed at 28mm, and its Guide Number at ISO 100 is 46ft/14m. Its 1700mAh battery can power 150 flashes at full power. Both S1 and S2 can be set off by light, but there is no radio built in.

“Instead,” says Flashpoint, “consumers need to know how to use Guide Numbers and understand distance.” “The Automation is also a throwback to the days before camera TTL when thyristor sensors carefully placed on the flash did the job.

“The light has seven levels of brightness that can be set by the user and are reliable and consistent. Auto controls the flash exposure, but the photographer has to set the correct f-stop on the camera body or lens. The photographer needs to know how far the flash can reach based on ISO, distance, and the subject’s tonal value.

Pre-order the Godox Senior Retro Camera Flash from B&H

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