Landscape photographs also require extreme dynamic range, often beyond the most advanced sensors’ capabilities. There are a few avenues around this problem, with two of the most common solutions being exposure bracketing and graduated ND filters, and this excellent video tutorial addresses each one’s advantages and drawbacks.

This excellent video guide, coming to you from Photo Tom, addresses whether using exposure bracketing or a graduated ND filter for landscape shots is easier. I hate playing with bracketed shots personally, so I try to stop the process whenever I can (though there are certain situations where I absolutely have to use it).

It is a very useful operation, aside from my personal preference, and it does not require any external equipment beyond your camera. In the other hand, although the graduated ND filter helps you to get all in one shot, it needs you to buy and bring additional hardware, and when you don’t have an especially even horizon, it can be cumbersome to use. For the total rundown, check out the video above.

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