For the most part, high-angle lenses are usually used by landscape photographers, as most scenes need a wide focal range to catch them all in one shot. However, this doesn’t mean that telephoto lenses can’t be used, and this amazing video shows you the exclusive pictures you can make with one.

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This great video, coming to you from Michael Shainblum, will show you how a 100-400mm lens will turn landscape photographs eye-catching. We use a lens such as a 16-35mm for landscape work much of the time, and there is obviously nothing wrong with that, but even longer focal lengths can be used to pick up individual frame specifics to produce more abstract images. I assume these give you a leg up immediately merely because we are so used to seeing larger pictures that those made with a longer focal length pop out to the eye instantly. On top of that, simply by bringing some extra focal lengths, you can get a lot more images from one scene. For the complete rundown of Shainblum, check out the video above.



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